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Introduction to the Bruker Rheo-NMR System

The Bruker Rheo-NMR System comprises everything that is necessary to start performing Rheo-NMR experiments with a standard Bruker NMR Spectrometer. The parts include the Rheo-NMR Controller, Motor, Motor Gearbox, Drive interface & adapter, Drive shaft and Cell Kit. The Rheo-NMR Controller drives the motor at the required rate and can accept signals from a number of sources including the Spectrometer. This allows the Rheo-NMR system to be driven directly from the pulse programs of the spectrometer.

The Rheo-NMR Cell Kit contains both Couette and "Cone and Plate" cells plus the fittings and couplings required to mount the cell on the spectrometer probe head.. There are also parts to adapt the motor and gearbox depending on user requirements.

The cells are driven via the drive shaft connecting them to the Motor, which is positioned on top of the magnet. The drive shaft is specically designed to mount directly into the upper shim barrel of the spectrometer.

The drive motor is mounted on the drive shaft interface which couples the motor to the drive shaft and hance enables the rheometric cells to be driven.