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The Bruker Rheo-NMR System

The Bruker Rheo-NMR System completely enables full Rheo-NMR measurements to be made with any compatible Bruker NMR Spectrometer. The Rheo-NMR System has been extensively researched and developed over many years by one of the research groups that has pioneered the Rheo-NMR technique.

The System enables a sample to be placed under rheological stress inside the RF coil in an NMR magnet. A wide variety of shearing and extensional flow cells featuring different geometries are available. The cells are driven by a specialised motor and drive shaft assembly that is controlled by a dedicated hardware interface unit.

rheonmr controller

Presented here are details about the specification of the Rheo-NMR System and as well as the PDF Manual for download. You can also find the Pulse Programs that are used to drive the system from within standard NMR pulse sequences. The NMR Spectrometer requirements details what equipment the Rheo-NMR System can be utilised with.

If you would like to order a Bruker Rheo-NMR System you can do so by contacting

  • Dieter Gross
    Bruker Biospin GmbH
    D-76287 Rheinstetten
  • Tel +49 721 5161 225
  • Fax +49 721 5161 297
  • email: dieter.gross@bruker-biospin.de
  • Website: http://www.bruker.com