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Rheo-NMR News

News items in the area of Rheo-NMR are listed below. Look here for new information about the Bruker Rheo-NMR Accessory as well as conferences, papers and other items of interest to the Rheo-NMR community such as upcoming conferences, meetings or publications.. If you have items of news that could be listed here please send them to webmaster@rheo-nmr.com

Rheo-NMR News

(2006-10-21) Updates to groups and publications
Some new publications from the Rheo-NMR Group of Prof. Dr. Claudia Schmidt and an update to their Group address.

(2005-01-17) New rheo-nmr publications added
Updated the publications list with several rheo-nmr articles by Prof. A. Farinha Martins from Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal.

(2004-08-07) Publications updated
The Rheo-NMR publication list has been updated with some recent papers. If there are other Rheo-NMR papers that should be listed here please contact us.

(2004-07-15) Research Groups page updated
Added two more Rheo-NMR research groups to the Research Groups page of this website. Let us know if there are any groups that should be listed here.

(2004-06-01) Ordering information updated
The Rheo-NMR system can be ordered directly from Bruker. See the Ordering Information Page for details on how to purchase the system.

(2004-04-22) Rheo-NMR website launched
This website, www.rheo-nmr.com, has been lauched. The website has lots of information about Rheo-NMR and also the Bruker Rheo-NMR system.