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In order to further promote the localization of the fuel cell and the process of industrialization, Himalaya company has independently developed a controllable process and batch preparation technology ....



Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA) is mainly composed of catalyst, proton exchange membrane,gas diffusion layer, which determines the fuel cell performance....


Mold Pressing Composite Bipolar Plate

Bipolar plate is one of the core components of fuel cell. Especially the high power stack must put forward higher requirements for the size and performance of bipolar plate....


fuel cell stacks

A carbon composite bipolar plate with a certain flow channel, large size and good performance is batch prepared by press molding technology, which has the advantages of low cost and long-lifetime....

Water-cooled stack Air-cooled stack

Fuel cell power station

The product is an independent power supply system composed of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell....

Mobile Power Station Stationary Power Station

Fuel cell generator

Fuel Cell Engine is one energy conversion device that generates electricity from hydrogen and oxygen by electrochemical reaction, with no combustion process, no mechanical loss....


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