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The Vice Governor Kezhen Xu Inspected Himalaya Company

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On the afternoon of October 15th, 2015, Hubei Vice Governor Kezhen Xu inspected Wuhan Himalaya Photoelectric Technologies Co., Ltd.
       On the afternoon of October 15th, 2015, Hubei Vice Governor Kezhen Xu inspected Wuhan Himalaya Photoelectric Technologies Co., Ltd. with Shengyou He, the Deputy Secretary-general of the Provincial Government, and the leaders from Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology as well as Provincial Transportation Department. They visited the LED panel, LED lamps and the exhibition hall for solar lighting products, and paid a key visit to hydrogen fuel cell production plant and the hydrogen fuel cell technology center.
       The fuel cell technology developed by the Company and Tsinghua University is perceived as the ultimate development direction of the world’s new energy automotive industry, one of the perfect solution to address the global energy shortage and environmental pollution, and the first batch of planned pilot projects importantly researched and developed by the country in Ministry of Science and Technology in 2016. Apart from the automotive power, it is widely applied in the way of trains, planes, ships, backup power and power stations peak regulation. And only automotive power applications are predicted to reach 500 billion yuan market potential domestically.
       Professor Cheng Wang from Tsinghua University, the head of hydrogen fuel cell project, made a special report about hydrogen fuel cell principle, the current progress of the project and the next step to Vice Governor Kezhen Xu. He was very concerned about the R&D application of the Company and fully affirmed the achievements made in scientific and technological innovation, technological research and development by the Company and Tsinghua University as the famous university. And he also thought highly of the company’s spirit of insisting on innovation and development and daring to be the first, and the enterprise was encouraged to make persistent efforts, make breakthroughs in the field of new energy, keep innovation and strive for the early completion and operation of the fuel cell production line.
       The inspection was accompanied by Jianming Li, the Secretary of Xianning Municipal Party Committee, Hanqiao Wang, the member of Standing Committee and the Secretary-general of the Municipal Party committee, Fanfei Wang, the Director of Xianning High-tech Industrial Park Management Committee, Guihua Guo, the Chairman of the Company, Shangjin Si and Feng Liang, the company leaders.

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