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TOYOTA will Launch FCV Plus as a Hydrogen-fueled Cell Concept Vehicle

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Recently, TOYOTA which has been consistently popularizing new energy vehicles, will launch one mass-produced hydrogen-fueled cell concept vehicle, TOYOTA FCV plus.
 TOYOTA has always been a leader in environmentally friendly automotive technology

Hidden hydrogen tank under the backseat of a concept car

       Recently, TOYOTA which has been consistently popularizing new energy vehicles, will launch one mass-produced hydrogen-fueled cell concept vehicle, TOYOTA FCV plus.Different from the hybrid cars with carbon dioxide emissions and the electric vehicles relying on charging facilities, the hydrogen-fueled vehicle can be powered by the hydrogen fuel cell to directly transform the chemical energy stored in fuel and oxidizer into the electric energy after the electrochemical reaction, merely producing the water vapor without environmental problems. It is mostly distinguished by none carbon emission and other pollution in the process of driving, with the single mileage 3 to 5 times that of lithium battery vehicles; lower costs owing to inexhaustible hydrogen energy; and the broader application area. Nowadays, it has been well recognized by the whole world.

        After the research and development for a long time, the hydrogen fuel is produced in the energy-saving and environmental way as well as stored safely, partly guiding the development of the automobile industry in the future. However, the fuel cell vehicle is researched and developed at a slow speed in the global, for which there are two reasons. Firstly, the high price triggered by high costs cannot be by the market. Secondly, there are missing adequate and convenient hydrogen refueling facilities. In this regard, TOYOTA has explained that significant progress has been made in these two areas after struggling for more than one decade. When it comes to the construction of infrastructure and even the prospect of the entire fuel cell vehicle industry, TOYOTA holds the cautious and unwavering optimism.

        Four passengers can be contained by brand new TOYOTA FCV Plus concept vehicle.

        Brand new TOYOTA FCV Plus concept vehicle is brimmed with the sense of future and greatly show the forward-looking technology of TOYOTA. From the appearance, the glass design is applied in the concept vehicle, comprising everything in sight from the outside to inside. With a sense of science fiction, it is added a bit of mysterious temptation unexpectedly by the water-blue painting. The new vehicle is equipped with four motors, with two of them separately located between the left and right wheels, and the carried hydrogen fuel tank is set behind two rear seats. Such design has improved the interior space to a greater extent and provided the drivers with a more comfortable driving experience.

        As one small compact car, TOYOTA FCV Plus concept vehicle is merely 3800mm long in body, 1750mm in width and 1540mm high, surprisingly with the wheel base of 3000mm, which will be the trend of fuel cell vehicle with small body and large wheelbase in the coming days. Instead of the traditional surround central console design, the extremely concise cockpit is designed in the style of small cubes, and the application of head-up display system in the vehicle also enhanced the driving convenience. The launching of brand new TOYOTA FCV Plus concept vehicle has implied the development of TOYOTA fuel cell vehicle in years to come. And we will wait and see whether the hydrogen-fueled cell vehicles can really lead the global trend of electric vehicles in the future. (From China Hydrogen Energy Network)
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